Welcome to The Community Acupuncture Project — Affordable Healthcare for All.

Our Sliding Scale is $20-$50. Pay what works for you. Open 7 days a week!

February Specials - We LOVE Acupuncture!

Celebrate Valentine's Day (2/14) with a loved one. Get acupuncture together! To take advantage of this 2 for 1 Special, make two appointments online (one for each patient) and come in together. Two treatments for the price of one. Initial intake $10 fee for new patients applies.

Open all day on President's Day 2/15)!

CAP loves you: we are offering our 10 day special for $100 all month long, limit 1 per person. Get frequent, even daily treatments for 10 days in a row from the date of purchase. Show your whole self some love with frequent acupuncture! Fine print details below *.

CAP loves how you love: $15 treatments for all caregivers all month long!

CAP loves justice: Dr. Cornel West says that "Justice is what love looks like in public." CAP will donate a percentage of our revenue at the end of the month to Black Lives Matter organizing efforts. Ask us for reading materials at the clinic if you want to learn more about this social justice movement.

Service workers receive $15 treatments on Mondays & wearing a CAP T-shirt or hoodie on Wednesdays gets you a $10 treatment that day.

All specials have an additional $10 intake fee for new patients.
Thanks for sharing the love. We love you!

* By purchasing the 10 day special you agree to our terms. The fine print:

· Appointments are necessary – please schedule online or in person.
· First time patient fee of $10 applies to new patients
· Special must be paid in full at the first visit.
· Treatments must be used within ten days of purchase.
· The $15 fee applies to any missed appointments or late cancellations.
· Non-transferrable to others, no extensions, and no refunds.
· Ten-day period must begin no later than Monday, February 29, 2016.
· Limit 1 package per person for the month of February
Open 7 days a week!

Check out the Bastyr University article about our clinic!

Acupuncture for All: Alumna Leads Community Care Model

Our clinic is located in the heart of the West Seattle junction. You will find upon visiting that there is an amazing healing power in the simplicities of people, needles and stillness.

What is different about our clinic?

We treat in a community setting
Whereas most acupuncturists in the US treat people in individual cubicles, Community Acupuncture takes place in a healing group setting. Patients sit together in comfortable recliners and benefit from the healing energy from one another. This approach is similar to how acupuncture is practiced in China. The community setting allows for more time for treatment, instead of the needles being retained for at most half an hour. Our patients decide for themselves when they feel ”done;” in fact, many people fall asleep and wake feeling refreshed.

One of the largest benefits of a community setting is that it is possible for friends and family members to receive treatment together and many find it comforting as the collective energetic field (group chi) nurtures the entire group.

We practice a blend of acupuncture styles, mostly relying upon ”distal” points in the hands, feet and head to treat problems in other parts of the body. This means that you will not need to disrobe. For points located on the back or on the torso, we advise our patients to wear loose fitting clothing so we can easily gain access to those parts of the body.

We have a sliding scale
Our goal is to offer affordable acupuncture with a sliding scale (from $20-$50) so that our treatment is accessible to more members of the community. We work on the honor system and patients pay what works for them, there is no income verification necessary. Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine have many benefits. In the United States, these healing forms have historically been enjoyed by only a small proportion of the population. Most acupuncturists see one or two patients per hour and charge between $65 and $175 per treatment. They tend to spend a long time talking with each patient, going over medical records, asking many questions. We don’t – and this is a very important difference. In order to make acupuncture affordable for you and still make a living, we streamline our treatments and see multiple patients per hour. Instead of asking lots of questions, we are more problem focused and rely on our diagnostic skills to treat you. This is exactly how acupuncture is traditionally practiced in Asia – many patients per hour and very little talking.

Research in the United States (as well as thousands of years of tradition in Asia) has shown that acupuncture is most effective when it is done frequently and regularly – one treatment per week is the absolute minimum required to make progress on any kind of health issue, and unfortunately, usually all people can afford. Our sliding scale allows you to come as often as necessary to get you well and to help you stay well.

The mission of the Community Acupuncture Project is to provide high quality treatment at affordable rates to as many people as possible, and as often as necessary. This philosophy represents a growing movement in the U.S. called ‘working class acupuncture.’ To read more about this, please visit the website www.pocacoop.com.

Anti Discrimination Philosophy

The practitioners at CAP do not discriminate based on race, age, religion, ability, marital status, sexual orientation, sex, gender identity, height, weight, national origin, language, education, HIV or immigration status. We do everything possible to create a welcoming clinic environment for all members of our communities.