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“This place is a Godsend! I was frequenting a similar establishment in the Fremont neighborhood, but since moving to West Seattle, it was a bit tricky to commute for my appointments. And then… Community Acupuncture Project arrived to West Seattle!

“This business is very organized, clean, comfortable and the staff are always professional and incredibly compassionate and considerate. I feel absolutely comfortable in the treatment setting (in fact, I PREFER it over a private session) and I always find myself dozing off for a quick cat nap in their VERY comfortable chairs. I’m so grateful to have this establishment in my neighborhood and have been using it quite frequently.

+ You can schedule your appointments online
+ Sliding payment scale
+ 7-days a week availability
+ Community-based
+ Parking is easy to find

“I can’t say enough good things about this place! Thank you CAP for your outstanding customer service and community focus!”

– Randi W.


Video testimonial by Aleca Murphy

“I have nothing but love for this place! I am 9 months pregnant, and have been going for treatments throughout my pregnancy, with a focus on the first and third trimesters.

“In the beginning, acupuncture rid me of morning sickness and helped me regain energy. Now, as I wait to give birth, I have been going for support nearly every day, and I can honestly say when they are closed I get a little weepy because I can’t go in.

“The support is amazing, and Lynn is really skilled, caring, humorous and focused on the health of her patients. She rocks! I feel like my physical/emotional support needs during pregnancy are met through the acupuncture practice here and I feel more balanced, stronger, and more in tune with my body’s processes because of it.

“Sciatica that made my leg buckle every time I stood? Gone! Just one of the many really uncomfortable physical aspects of pregnancy that nothing else would cure, but which acupuncture did. After two visits!

“The community aspect is actually really great, and it has never been ‘weird’ sharing a room with other people. It’s a quiet, calm, respectful environment, in which many people fall asleep during treatment…all of us healing together. It feels like a community I’m a part of, which is welcoming after having moved to Seattle from Portland a year ago.

“Plus, being that it’s a block from my house, the location can’t be any better. This is a serious asset to Seattle’s coolest neighborhood. I will continue to go for postpartum support, and regular health care after the birth of my son.

“If you are thinking about trying it, wait no longer! With their amazing sliding scale, it’s an incredible value, I can’t stress it enough. I haven’t found anything as efficient and complete in addressing my healthcare concerns than acupuncture. And my best acupuncture experience has definitely been at the CAP in CC!”

– Alaya W.

Video testimonial by Amanda B., 35

“I came for the healthcare and stayed for the community.”
– Shawna H.


“Just wanted to let you know how thankful I am for the results that I have been getting from my acupuncture sessions. I have completed 8 sessions in 4 weeks and have to say that I feel so much better than I did one month ago.

“I have suffered from chronic migraines in varying degrees for 5 years now. I have failed 5 different sets of treatment at a major medical facility and am being treated by a leading Neurologist in the Seattle area. Prior to treatment, I had been suffering a worsening migraine for 2 months straight and medications were not working.

“I came to Community Acupuncture Project of West Seattle as kind of a last resort. I have tried one or two treatments a couple of years ago, but difficult to assess in the acute phase of a migraine. After my first treatment in the clinic, some adjustments were needed, but everyone has been very in tune with my needs as a patient.

“After one month of treatment, my whole family notices a difference! Per my doctors ok, I have weaned off one of my medications and my headaches have lessened in severity and occurrence. I am working down on some other ones. I am beginning to feel more energy and like my old self again! It feels great!

“I plan on continuing with my therapy so I can get completely off my medications!
Thank you and your staff for you listening and knowledge. So much appreciated.
A wonderful asset so close to home!”

– Kelly T., 51

Video testimonial by Gretchen, 34

“What a wonderful place! Modest in decor, yet extreme in care and compassion.

“I felt at ease even though this was my first time seeking long term results from acupuncture. [Sonya] listened closely with out judgment to my current concerns, but also asked about my history and future plans. I’ve only gone 3 times and I feel a slight difference in my body. I hope to have a full recovery by the time my six weeks are up… With that said I know will probably need follow up maintenance treatments.

“The biz model is excellent! As a small business owner I find that affordable health care a distant dream. This place proves that isn’t always true!

“Thanks Ladies, you are doing great work!”

– Vanessa F.


“If you’ve ever thought about having acupuncture before but the idea of getting stuck with needles so that your ‘energy centers’ could activate your ‘Chi’ seemed like a lot of hooey, please think again. And, if you currently have pain, don’t think about it, just make the appointment! 🙂 This place is awesome and these practitioners, with their ability to alleviate my pain, have both my admiration and gratitude!

“I’d tried acupuncture before and hadn’t been that impressed. A lot of money for not much I figured and wrote it off. But, years later, two things happened around the same time. I learned about the concept of ‘Community Acupuncture’ and I had debilitating pain. A friend told me about his experiences here and that convinced me to try acupuncture again. I am so glad that I did, and I believe that you will be too!

“I just want to note here that, while many places are now offering the Community Acupuncture model, there is something very special and different about CAP. Their practitioners are really good at what they do and I feel safe and comfortable in their care.

“I am pain free as I write this, how incredibly wonderful!”

– Laurie K.

Video testimonial by Arnie Seppi, 75

“I am a licensed midwife at In Tandem Midwifery, in West Seattle. I recommend acupuncture for almost every client we have & love having such a great resource right here in our community. I have seen the benefits of acupuncture for a variety of fertility and pregnancy related issues: help getting pregnant, headaches, low iron/ anemia, hypertension, blood sugars, nausea/ vomiting, fatigue, anxiety, sleep disturbances, muscle cramps, depression, milk supply, energy levels, labor induction, optimal fetal position/ flipping breech babies, increasing labor contractions… and more.

“Acupuncture is helpful regulating cycles which can help women conceive. I find that women who receive regular acupuncture in the 3rd trimester of their pregnancy have more efficient labor patterns with babies who are in better positions for an easier birth. I have seen acupuncture help tremendously with increasing milk supply as well as helping with emotional & hormonal imbalance postpartum.

“Our clients have nothing but wonderful things to say about Sonja and the team at Community Acupuncture Project of West Seattle. I see her myself for self-care and balancing out my adrenals to sustain the work I do. I am an advocate for acupuncture for everyone & really appreciate having these great folks so close.”

– Taylor Hamil, LM, CPM

“Acupuncture saved my life.”

“I had a headache for nine months. It got so bad that I had to quit my job because I could no longer bend over.

“I tried going to the doctor and was put through test after test. I was diagnosed with a spontaneous Cerebral fluid leak. Some of the tests performed were not only risky, but would even cause the symptoms to be worse to the point of not being able to get out of bed for days. The last test was so awful, and was again found to be inconclusive. They knew I had low fluid in my brain but they had no idea why nor could they find where it was leaking.

“The doctors wanted to do another test. This one was described online as ‘painful’. The tests they had already done were supposed to be not painful, no problem tests and yet i couldn’t walk or even sit up after those tests. No way was I going to do one that was described as painful.

“Having been tortured as a human pincushion and enduring $30,000 worth of medical testing, they still had done nothing to relieve my symptoms nor did they know how!! I did not feel the doctors really had any idea what they were doing in regard to my condition.

“I decided to try another avenue of relief. I had never done acupuncture before but thought it couldn’t hurt (too much) to try. Within two weeks the severity of my symptoms became close to nonexistent. This is truly a miracle to me! I am grateful every day for the care and healing I have received from all of the practitioners at the Community Acupuncture Project of West Seattle.”

– Gena

“Acupuncture changed my life.”

“Since shortly after the time I began menstruating, at 12 years old, I have had very painful periods and PMS. My symptoms have ranged from debilitating pain during menses; extreme abdominal bloating; mood swings; gastric dis-orders such as constipation and diarrhea; and radiating pain throughout my abdomen, back and legs during my period. During my 20’s and 30’s GYN’s said that I simply had bad PMS and should have a baby in order for the pain to lessen. I did not want to have a baby so I started to seek alternative therapies. Some of them helped a little but results only lasted temporarily.

“As I got older and moved into my 30’s and 40’s (I am 44 now), my menstrual flow reached clinically high levels. I became anemic and chronically weak and tired for about 2-3 weeks every month. The pain increased while menstruating and I sometimes had to stay home 2 to 3 days at a time. I have spent the last 30 years seeking help from the allopathic medical community for my symptoms. I have tried many remedies including birth control pills, patches, rings, hormone creams and NSAID’s.

“A year and a half ago I was diagnosed by two of our city’s top OB/ GYN’s with adenomyosis, endometriosis and fibroids. Hysterectomy was the option that I was given. The docs told me that the surgery would improve my quality of life if there were no complications. This procedure could cause my anemia to worsen due to blood loss during surgery, as well as put me at risk for earlier menopause and resulting bone loss.

“I decided to try one last shot at natural, alternative remedies and treatments; however, this time I would go to extremes. I would go to acupuncture as many times per week as recommended in order to see a result; and would alter my diet radically by cutting out all dairy, wheat, and red meat. I had gone to acupuncture for different time periods over the years, but never more than once a week… until a few months ago when Community Acupuncture Project in West Seattle was recommended to me. Twelve weeks into this regimen I am happy to report that ALL of my symptoms have lessened considerably. I now feel that my cycles are more manageable as well as feeling a deeper sense of hope about my overall health.

“Sonja and Lynn at Community Acupuncture Project have been amazingly caring and compassionate. They keep track of my symptoms and check in with me each time I see them. The acupuncture treatments are enjoyable, relaxing, and rejuvenating. The convenient hours and sliding scale fees have empowered me to take control of my healthcare and do what is best for me! Rather than feeling scared and out of control, like I did when my only option seemed to be major surgery, I feel better about my health and excited to receive acupuncture treatments. I urge anyone who has difficult, painful periods for similar dis-orders, including adenomyosis, endometriosis or fibroids to try acupuncture! It’s working for me and it could work for you too!”

– Marie A., 44

“My child’s ezcema is gone!”

“Ok, this is a won’t believe acupuncture story. I wish I had taken before and after pictures!!

“My 19 week old son has had really bad eczema for about 7 weeks that he has been scratching and making his face bleed. We have tried all sorts of things – creams, eliminating certain foods, naturopathic doctor, etc. When I spoke to Sonja, she said that is really hard to treat dermatological conditions, as even in Western medicine they have a tough time, but we decided to give it a shot.

“Amare just nursed then took a nap during acupuncture, we took the needles out after about an hour. The next day the eczema was 80% better. Now two days after treatment it’s about 90% better. I will continue with the treatments till it’s gone. Thanks Sonja! Sonja was super attentive and sweet. I really trust her with all of our needs.”

– Teresa Wang

“Chronic diarrhea and digestive issues”

“I live on the east coast, but get acupuncture from Sonja whenever I am in Seattle. I always find her to be open and thoughtful when discussing what is bringing me in, and I appreciate her warm combination of empathy, support, and confidence.

“Recently I experienced a 4-month long, very bad bought of chronic, daily diarrhea, following a bacterial infection & lots of antibiotics which screwed up my system. I visited Seattle at the end of those four months. Over a few week period, I received treatments once or twice a week, and after the second treatment, the diarrhea stopped. It has been over a month now with no recurrences.

“During this time, I also took probiotics, digestive enzymes, and alkaline drops in my water to balance acidity. I cut out alcohol, coffee, and ate an easy to digest, anti-inflammatory diet (no raw vegetables, low-gluten, low sugar). I had been trying those dietary changes for the previous months, but not until I received treatments from Sonja did I experience a change.

“I could feel the effects immediately from the first treatment – could feel my worry and anxiety lessen, my body calming down. It seemed like the treatment got my digestive system re-set and allowed the other changes I was making to finally hold and take effect.

“Since then, I have re-introduced gluten and some alcohol, and my digestion has been fine. This was a very difficult and stressful experience for me, and it has been amazing to feel healthy again and to be able to plan my days without worry about getting sick. I could not be more grateful or appreciative for these healing treatments.”

– Clyde R, 37

“The care I received at Community Acupuncture Project for lower back pain significantly improved my mobility and greatly reduced the pain level. I was very reluctant to try acupuncture for this issue after years of chiropractic and medical treatment for my lower back did not work. After the first week, I started having pain free days. I am now a true believer in acupuncture for pain management!”

– Jeff

I tried acupuncture at CAP the first time because I experienced really heavy menstrual pain, and I was thrilled to be able to get back to my work instead of being limited by pain.

I also sought Cynthia’s help to treat carpel-tunnel like discomfort. I was feeling pain, tingling, and lack of strength in my fingers, hands, and lower arms while I was preparing to take the bar exam. I could not afford to be distracted or exhausted by the pain and was thrilled when I no longer felt any of the symptoms from before my visit. The symptoms did not fully return until a year and a half later, and it made all the difference in the world for my preparedness and energy in those crucial weeks.

– Katherine

“Sorrows and joys: fertility and pregnancy concerns treated with acupuncture”

I started trying to get pregnant last year at 39, naturally. I was surprised that I got pregnant so fast (within a month of being off of any birth control). Unfortunately, that pregnancy came to an end at 9 weeks. We were completely devastated but kept trying.

After about 4 monthly cycles of tracking ovulation and using ovulation test strips, I still hadn’t gotten pregnant again. I then decided to try acupuncture for pregnancy support since I had had luck with it in the past for other things.
In that very month, cycle 5, I became pregnant. I attribute it to my acupuncture. I went 2-3 times/week until pregnant, and then1 -2/ week during. I’m now nearing the end of my pregnancy, about 5 weeks to go. Baby boy is healthy and I feel good! Coming to acupuncture once a week has really helped keep me balanced.

The staff at CAP are so knowledgeable and supportive. I couldn’t have gone through it without their help and positive support. I highly recommend CAP for support before, during, and after pregnancy.

– Anonymous