Winter is coming! Support your Kidneys, yin, and mental health with regular acupuncture this season.

Winter is known as the most Yin time in Chinese Medicine. Yin represents dark and cold. Our energy is mostly directed inwards in times of Yin. We tend to hibernate in the Winter and our moods are commonly on the lower side, tending towards bouts of depression. Therefore, we need to nourish our Yin during these next few months. We do so by acupuncture, herbs and eating the right foods that will nourish the Yin. In Chinese Medicine, each season and time are represented by an organ. The organ associated with wintertime are the Kidneys. Nourishing the kidney organ according to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) is the key to having a strong and healthier Winter. Take advantage of our December specials and  Schedule here:

December Specials 

Volunteers $15 all month long!

In honor of the end of the year, we celebrate all of you who volunteer with community organizations. This month, we partner with the Dispute Resolution Center of King County (DRC), a non-profit organization that has provided affordable mediation and conflict resolution services for individuals, businesses, and families in King County since 1986. The DRC offers sliding scale, facilitative style, face-to-face mediation, as well as free mediation services at all Small Claims Courts in King County so that people can choose mediation instead of litigation on the same day of their small claims trial. The Dispute Resolution Center of King County’s volunteers offer conflict resolution skills and expertise. This work requires that mediators are in a place physically and emotionally where they can show up and be present to facilitate other people’s conflicts. Acupuncture is a great way to support the body and facilitate these preparation and recovery needs.  Where do you volunteer your time? Share your story for a $15 treatment in December.

Rainy Day Pack:  CAP’s 5 for $80 sale, back by popular demand. On sale only: 11/25/17 –12/10/17 Details & Fine Print below**

Mondays Only: Service Worker Mondays – $15 treatments for anyone in the service industry on Mondays.
Wednesdays Only: T-Shirt, Swag, Social Justice Wednesdays.
Wear your clinic hoodie or t-shirt or your social justice activism (Black Lives Matter, Environmental Justice, Immigrant Rights…) swag around town on Wednesdays to receive $15 treatments on Wednesdays.

* Note: prices are cash/check – add $1 service fee for cards; new patients add $10 intake fee for first visit. Specials cannot be combined.

** Rainy Day Pack Details and Fine Print:

  • No refunds
  • To be used by one person (no sharing)
  • No expiration (although CAP encourages you to take advantage of this opportunity to experience the power of frequent treatments in close succession)
  • CAP’s cancelation policy requires 24 hours notice for appointment changes. Late cancelation or failure to attend schedule appointments is considered one credit.
  • One per person (same person can buy multiple for gifts, but only 1 package/person)
  • First time patients: Add $10 intake fee = 5 for $90
  • Buying as a gift for a new patient =$90 and take home a gift certificate. When that person comes in, we will enter them in our system as a new patient