Yoga and Acupuncture by CAP patient and Yoga Instructor, Jenna Buckley

I heard about CAP via one of my beloved yoga teachers. I’ve suffered from back pain and migraines for over a decade and in the past 2 years, I’ve added neck pain to the list. Acupuncture supports my yoga practice as it helps to quiet my mind and honor what my body needs. In fact, I skipped my yoga practice recently and went to acupuncture instead as I had a pretty nasty headache. I thought to myself – I really don’t want to miss my practice but I wish I could have the effects of my yoga practice without having to actually go move my body and acupuncture was the first thing that came to mind.

CAP provides a relaxing, warm, and welcoming environment just like what you might expect from a yoga studio. Even though I don’t chat with others getting treatment there is a community filled with respect and love and that is one of the many things I love about yoga. I love connecting with others while on my mat and knowing that people around me may be suffering from emotional and/or physical pain and we all respect each others space. This is exactly what I get from the CAP as well.
The acupuncturists are extremely welcoming – they check in, make sure I am comfortable and provide a safe and supportive space for me to just relax, connect with my body and breath, and melt into a meditative state and/or sleep. They respect my time and lovingly wake me up when I need to get on with my day or alternatively they check in every 10 minutes to see if you need anything – the cue being eye contact otherwise you are left alone. As a yoga teacher, I keep an eye on the practitioners to ensure they are not harming their bodies, that they are tuned in with their breath and body and that I provide support when needed and also space for self-reflection.
Whether I attend yoga or acupuncture I leave feeling a little bit of a buzz, a relaxed state of mind and body, ready to conquer the rest of my day or unwind for the rest of the evening. I find both provide me with a restful night sleep and that I’m less irritable where the little things don’t stress me out.
I feel that acupuncture and yoga together are the most epic combination and give me the opportunity to check in with myself, calm any anxiety I might be having and practice gratitude for a body that is able to practice on my mat or let go in the chair.