After the police shooting in June, resulting in the death of Charleena Lyles, CAP was called by staff of Solid Ground, requesting acupuncture for healing. The organization was reaching out for community support to assist in the grief, fear, rage and pain experienced by the  residents of this Magnusson Park community.
Lyles had called the police for help. After they arrived, they shot her, and ended her life. She was pregnant and had 4 other children. Hundreds of people, including some of her family members and families with young children, still live in this neighborhood.

Acupuncturists from CAP reached out to massage therapists and other acupuncturists throughout the city to organize support in response to this tragedy. CAP practitioner, Cynthia Gorsuch, answered the call for help, and has since provided acupuncture multiple times to the people living in this community. From Cynthia:

“I spent some time this morning giving acupuncture treatments at a community space in Magnusson Park.  I met some of Charleena Lyles’ family members and neighbors today. They were all wonderful. They are having to figure out how to heal, how to keep building their lives and supporting their families, while the media and many outsiders have showed up in their neighborhood to question them, to take their pictures and to follow this story (whatever their intentions). I am sharing an article from the Solid Ground website, highlighting how you and anyone you know can help support this community at this time. Thank you for sharing it.”