Hi, my name is Kevin Uy and I’m a 1st year student at POCA Tech. I was asked by Community Acupuncture Project in West Seattle to describe my experiences as a student at POCA Tech.

Lisa and Skip (the school’s founders and the ones who started community acupuncture in the US) are top notch people who are truly committed to the idea of affordable acupuncture treatments for everybody. The school’s instructors are a reflection of this vision. I cannot say enough good things about them. They are knowledgeable, caring and easy to talk to.

The school curriculum is broken down in such a way that it is easy for me to understand and it is applicable right away. A lot of the acupuncturists that I’ve met have said that compared to their 1st year of schooling, I’m light years ahead in my studies.

There are 18 students in my cohort and I could not ask for better classmates. We are all very supportive of and helpful to each other. Again, this is a reflection of Lisa and Skip’s leadership and vision. Each and everyone of my classmates is committed to bringing affordable acupuncture to our respective communities. To show you how committed we are, 9 of the 18 students in my cohort are from out of state. That means half of us either drive or fly into Portland for our monthly 4 day classes. In fact, 2 of my classmates have moved to Portland. Now that is commitment! Don’t you think so?

POCA Tech is made viable only through donations and dedicated volunteers. If you have benefited from going to community acupuncture, I would like to ask your help in supporting the continued growth of POCA Tech. This can be done by becoming a POCA member for as little as $25 a year or by becoming a POCA Tech sustainer for as little as $5 a month. Here are the links: